Treasure Hunt

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This game gets its name from Treasure Hunt 1.0. It is not at all related to finding the treasure; however, this was the case with 1.0, and the name was carried over.

Treasure Hunt emerges the player in a complex mission in which the player must stop the insane cloner James Brutus from completing a mad experiment. As an FBI agent, you are taken to Brutus' house and must navigate his underground laboratory, your primary goal being to destroy the cloning machine. You are equipped with a hand gun, and sword. Your TSS will be the means by which the FBI have contact with you, guiding you through your mission. The Audient will be used to power your scope which has a range of twenty feet, and more.

Treasure Hunt is a first-person shooter with cut-edge action which will have you sweating after the first section of your mission! Fight off guards while you crash the thriving experiment of a scientist gone rogue, your goal, as an FBI agent, being to save the world from an army of cloned soldiers possessing superhuman strength.

Treasure Hunt Patch

The 4.40 patch for Treasure Hunt is included in the full install of the game. This version allows Treasure Hunt to run on 64-bit Windows and enhances game play. Visit the Updates page for more details.

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