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Log in to access your Three-D Velocity account. Three-D Velocity is a real-time fighter jet simulation designed for blind and visually impaired people. Your craft is designed to get you out of the tightest of situations, provided that you do not think too long and are willing to try daring maneuvers. Your jet is able to go at a top airspeed of mach 2, and is equipped with afterburner jets to give you that extra boost in speed you desperately crave and need.

The simulator features directional sound to let the blind player know of their current environment. Hear missiles rocketing toward your aircraft, the fire of surface-to-air guns, other aircraft speeding past, and completely engage yourself in a sky-lighting fight taking place fifty-thousand feet above sealevel.

Blind players can use auditory cross-hairs to lock on to other aircraft and land on runways and aircraft carriers. The radar reads out information using human-recorded speech, making for a clear, verbal readout of the surrounding objects which allow players to make split-second decisions.

Three-D Velocity even features a Radio Intercept Officer (RIO) who gives the player vital feedback during missions, allowing them to roll just in time to avoid being slammed by a missile or suffer damage to the aircraft because of a strafe from an enemy.

Best of all, the game is completely real-time. Just because it's designed for blind people, doesn't mean we slowed the pace. We believe that with the proper tools, blind and visually impaired people are just as capable as anyone else to carry out complex tasks. With this simulator, blind people can enjoy the fast action of dog fights and participate fully in a mission that will ultimately make the world a better place to live.

Parental Advisory: This game contains mature language and scenes, and may not be suitable for minors.
Health Advisory: Due to the quick pace of this game, if you experience anxiety attacks, have motion sickness, or an abnormal heart rate, please consult your doctor before playing. Playing Three-D Velocity for long periods of time may result in dizziness, disorientation, ringing ears, anxiety, or increased heart rate. If you feel any of these symptoms, please turn off the game immediately and let the conditions pass.

Three-D Velocity is a sequel to Treasure Hunt, which was released in 2004. The story picks up after the destruction of James Brutus' laboratory and his subsequent death. The original mission was to be an end-all to the Cloning Malice project, which is a privately funded project whose sole goal is to harness the power of today's scientific advances to build a new breed of soldiers, each clones of one another. Project Cloning Malice was started by a scientist named James Brutus. Unfortunately for the United States Black Operations Force, the intended outcome of the project's destruction was not reached.

U.S. Black Operations forces find themselves faced with the horrors of this project once again. James Brutus was killed, but what FBI and CIA failed to realize is that there was someone waiting to grab the chance to obtain the key to world domination through his brother's work.

Soon, the project was revived, and a new laboratory was constructed. Once again, it is the duty of Black Op to stop this project from getting off the ground--or is it too late?

Three-D Velocity 2 Concept Demo

The concept demo for Three-D Velocity version 2 is now available. The demo runs in fifteen-minute mode and also gives you access to multiplayer. The demo can be installed alongside TDV version 1; both versions can coexist, and there is no need to uninstall version 1 before installing the concept demo for version 2.

The tdv_setup.exe file listed above will install Three-D Velocity version 1.5.

Listen to the TDV 2 trailer.
Ready to try the concept demo? Click here to download! You can Download the manual for TDV 2 here.

Beta Notes

This version of Three-D Velocity is released only as a concept demo. While it resembles the actual product closely, the feature set may change in the full release. Also, it is still considered beta software, so the game may crash from time to time. We are looking to release it on a large scale for testing purposes only. This means that accounts could be reset as we balance the system for multiplayer. There will also be frequent updates as problems are discovered. Players are encouraged to check from time to time to make sure they are running the latest version. The concept demo will update itself as new versions become available.

In the concept demo, you will have access to the Free For All room on the server. Preordered customers will be able to gain points by shooting down opponents, and will also be able to buy add-ons.

For local play, all players (regardless of preorder status) will have access to fifteen minutes of the mission, the full training mode, and regular Racing and Death Match Modes.

Note to preordered customers: your one month clock doesn't start with this release. Your access is completely free until we make an announcement that you've begun your one month trial.

Since this release is considered beta software, we would appreciate it if you would report any bugs to us on the BPCPrograms forum ( under "Bug Reports."

When TDV starts, the JAWS keyboard hook is disabled. There is a known issue that may stop the JAWS hook from reinstating if TDV crashes. To work around this, you should have another screen reader available that can be launched through a shortcut key. Once the screen reader is up, simply restart JAWS by navigating to the JAWS window, clicking File, and then Exit. The hook will reinstate once JAWS is reloaded.


Three-D Velocity includes the following features:

The demonstration version will allow you to play the first fifteen minutes of the story--or until you reach the first significant scene, as well as unlimited time in the simulators. You will also be able to play for fifteen minutes at a time on the multiplayer server. The chat rooms are free for everyone. Preordered customers will have unlimited online time, and can also get points for shooting other players' aircraft. They can then use these points to purchase add-ons.

Installation Instructions

The Three-D Velocity setup program will allow you to update your DirectX installation and .NET Framework installation directly from the installer if you choose to do so. We highly recommend that you allow the installer to update these components before running the game.

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